Don't Drive Into The Wrong MYSTERY BOX (+ ANNOUNCEMENT) | That's Amazing

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    Drive into the wrong mystery box... do a punishment! This video is sponsored by LEGO. LEGO challenged us to an epic LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile race to knock down 4 beacons as fast as possible!
    Check out the LEGO App-Contolled Batmobile here:
    Make sure to stay until the end because we have a HUGE video announcement in honor of hitting 1,000,000 subscribers!
    That's Amazing pair up into teams to complete this epic race--Maggie and Colin, Matthew and Isabel, and Tommy and Owen. The track has no obstacles and no punishments for the first teammate, but the second teammate must choose which mystery boxes to enter. If the LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile enters the wrong mystery box, That's Amazing will face punishments. Which That's Amazing member is able to avoid the punishment boxes? After the mystery boxes, more punishments are found under plastic cups found at the last turn of the track. Who has to name all 50 States before continuing the race? Who must navigate blindfolded? Which That's Amazing team wins this challenge?
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