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    Colin is amazing! No, he did NOT run at world record pace, but he gave it his all in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Colin ran the walking route for what was billed as a 8k run/3 mile walk. But we just drove the course and it looks like the route is a half mile short! So that explains his speedy pace! But great job to Colin for giving his best effort to help other children!

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Please donate to help children with cancer!
    Donate to Gold in September:
    Gold in September funds research trials at leading pediatric oncology centers across the United States to bring safer, less painful, and more effective treatments to kids with cancer.
    Donate to the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders:
    The MACC Fund Center is 1 of just 21 top centers in the United States to participate in the Phase I & Pilot Consortium of Children's Oncology Group, a National Cancer Institute-supported clinical trials group. The Center is partnering with other elite centers to help patients with some of the most difficult-to-cure types of cancer and blood disorders.
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    Published on 2 years ago